Welcome To Our Website

Hello there visitor welcome to our official North West Insight Website, we hope that as you browse through you enjoy what we share and offer, we also hope that you will learn more about our beautiful province and visit us soon.

The North West Insight is a small-medium sized media and advertising company owned by Mr. Tumelo Dihele and forms part of the division of Dihele Business Group (Pty).

The aim and objective of North West Insight is to give a different and positive perspective of our province, especially where tourism is concerned, looking away from all negativity that comes with crime, poverty, politics and other factors, we believe North West has got what it takes to become a number preferred tourism destination for both local and international visitors.


The North West Insight wants to shape the way people see our beautiful province, we want people to look at our province as a tourist destination of choice, we want people to visit the North West, go to our parks, check in to our hotels, guesthouses and lodges, visit our lakes, dams and camping sites, visit our recreational centers, enroll and study in our universities and colleges and just enjoy being in the platinum province.


In this website we will give you an option to discover North West and all that it has to offer, be it accommodation, entertainment, wildlife parks, shopping malls or art galleries. We hope that you enjoy your browsing through our website.